The person of your heart has made his decision

Last night was a wild and different night. As I laid down to sleep, I experienced a vivid my dream that seemed to be made out of a tarot reading. The vision in my head related to someone who had caught my attention recently. I’m convinced this person is very important as it had come up in the cards of the tarot reading. It got me thinking about astrology and how it ties into love and relationships – how these powerful energies can play fundamental roles in our lives and push us towards destiny. Tarot serves us by giving us an insight into our deepest desires and feelings, which helps us make more conscious decisions for our future.

Last night, I was disturbed by a jolting force, prompting me to wake up from my slumber. In that moment, I received a vivid vision which seemed to pertain to the person you have expressed so much affection for. It was then that I realized the power of tarot astrology and tarot reading in providing spiritual guidance regarding our innermost thoughts and desires.

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