He regrets you

Sure, here’s a possible rephrase:

You recently met someone who seems to have genuine feelings for you, but this person hasn’t mustered the courage to express them, and the situation is causing them a lot of distress. Would you like to find out who this person is?

Certainly! If you’re interested in finding out who this person is, you could try talking to those who you’ve recently met and see if any of them exhibit signs of attraction or interest towards you. It’s also important to approach the situation with empathy and sensitivity, as the person in question may be feeling vulnerable or anxious about sharing their feelings.

You could start by having a conversation with this person to see if they are open to discussing their emotions. If they are not, it’s important to respect their boundaries and give them time to process their feelings. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to pursue a relationship with this person, but it’s important to do so with care and consideration for their feelings.

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