Privacy Policy attaches the greatest importance to the protection of your personal data and your privacy. This « Internet Privacy Policy » governs the management and processing of personal data that you submit while surfing our website.

By accessing the website, you accept this declaration.
If you do not accept this statement, please do not continue to visit the pages of the website.

The statement is subject to update at any time. We therefore invite you to consult it regularly. The last line of the declaration indicates the date of its last modification.

When you access our website, the following data is collected and processed:

Access data / logfiles

When you access our website, the following technical data is automatically stored in our databases:

Date of access to the site
Time of access to the site
Browsers used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.), including browser software version
The IP address of your connection

These technical data alone do not identify the user of the website, either by name or address. Your identity is therefore protected. does not collect any personal data (name, first name, address, phone, etc.).


When viewing our website, a cookie may be placed on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is a small text file in which an identification number is embedded. It allows you, the next time you log in, to access our site more quickly and easily. Cookies remember, for example, the language selected by the user. They allow to improve customer service and recognize visitors who have visited its site previously. Most browsers (programs for surfing the Internet) have functions that allow you to deactivate the automatic reception of cookies or to delete cookies already saved. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can configure your browser software so that incoming cookies are only saved after confirmation from you and are generally refused. To improve your browsing experience, we recommend that you accept cookies and not delete them. Since you block cookies, you may not be able to use some interactive features on our site or on another website.


On our website we use the programming language called JavaScript. This optimizes the dynamics and interactivity of our Internet pages and also allows Internet users to surf more comfortably. One of the typical uses of JavaScript are pop-ups that open automatically (browser windows) and allow content to be loaded on Internet pages (eg advertising). Among other things, we use JavaScript to check the plausibility (validation) of Internet forms before sending, in particular to check whether the user has entered all the necessary data in the corresponding fields. JavaScript is interpreted and executed by your browser software. Using without JavaScript is not possible.

Log file evaluation analyzes site activity with the help of Google Analytics and compiles anonymous statistics. Among other things, this involves answering the following questions:

What browser software does the visitor use?
How long did a visitor stay on the same page?
How long did visitors spend on average on a given web page?
How many web pages has a visitor activated?
On which page did the visitor leave our site?
What operating system is the visitor using?
What are the most frequently viewed pages?
What are the least frequently visited pages?
How many visitors visited our site on a given day or during a given period?
From which countries has our website been accessed?

This kind of anonymous reviews allows us to continuously optimize our presentation on the Internet and to design it in a way that makes browsing more pleasant for the customer.

Your options

You can visit the site without recording any personal data, to access the members area it is on the other hand compulsory to register your e-mail address, this data is entered in our computer systems and we then assume that you want to establish personal contact with us. In this case, we r